Lodge & Banquet Facility

I’d like to hold both my wedding ceremony and reception at Timber Ridge. Can you accommodate both events? Of course you can!  We have our indoor banquet facility with a beautiful stone fireplace where you can hold your wedding or reception.  Plus, Timber Ridge has a quaint covered bridge and acres of beautiful wooded land for gorgeous outdoor ceremonies and photo opportunities. In addition, guests can rent one of our party tents if they’d prefer to hold an outdoor ceremony or reception under a tent. 

I would like to bring my own alcohol for my event. Must I hire a professional to serve it?  We expect that you would want your guests to be responsible drinkers, and to help keep your event under control in regard to alcohol, we ask that all event planners provide a professional bartender or responsible individual to serve your alcohol. This server must also monitor the guests’ alcohol intake.

Can we cook our own food for our event, or do we have to hire a caterer?  With our large kitchen in the banquet hall, guests have long been their own caterers. So bring your family recipes and prepare them onsite. Just make sure to plan on bringing all the necessary cookware, serving platters, utensils, tableware, and food storage gear. We also have a gas grill available for rental if you choose to barbecue.  You may also hire a caterer if that is your preference!

What time do we need to vacate the hall?  Arrangements must be made at the time of booking. Midnight should be “closing time” for your event. If there is no other event scheduled in the banquet facility for the following day, you may be allowed to clean the hall the day after your event. Again, a schedule for clean-up must be made in advance.

I’d like to plan a large RV rally or group event in your park and will need access to a group facility. Is the banquet facility available for our use?  Yes.  We work individually with RV groups and other clubs and large groups on use of the banquet facility. Just call (231) 947-2770 to plan your outing.